Max on Stage:

4th Annual Homo’s Got Talent Dance-Off Competition, Friday May 4rd at the Fez Ballroom.  7pm Doors, 8pm Show.  $5-10 Sliding Scale.  More info:

Max in the News:

Max Voltage “Reclaims Pink” Men’s Restroom in JAW Fest Piece by Amanda Schurr 7/19/11.  Just Out Blog.

“Reclaiming Pink: An Interview with Max Voltage” by Kinsley Suer 7/8/11.  Portland Center Stage Blog.

Max Voltage Makes a Call for New Music Event” by Wayne Bund. 5/25/11. Just Out Blog.

High Voltage! Pants-Off Capitalizes on Homomentum” by Ryan J. Prado. 10/15/10. Just Out.

Max Voltage plays with Chris Pureka’s Band this Wednesday at Mississippi Studios” by Erin Rook. 11/10/10. Just Out.

Katie Sawicki Unveils The Cabin Project at Mississippi Studios Tonight” by Ana Ammann. 10/9/10. Oregon Music News.

Bubbling up from the Underground: Radical Queer Performers Inflitrate the Mainstream” by Jimmy Radosta. 6/16/10. The Portland Mercury.

Max on the Radio:

Celebrating Queer Talent with Homomentum” on KBOO’s Out Loud Radio Program. 1/4/11

Max on the Internet:

Max’s Facebook

Max’s Youtube

Pants-Off Productions


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