Max is a linear thinking, business-savvy artist, musician, anti-oppression activist, story-teller and event-producer. Max runs Pants-Off Productions, a radical queer event-production company based in Portland, OR. Additionally, Max is a classically trained violinist and performs locally and on-tour in collaboration with other artists.


Max Voltage has been performing since a young age, when Max would rally neighbor kids and put together skits & performances for parents and friends. At age 5 Max began studying classical violin, and joined the Metropolitan Youth Symphony at age 8, and toured with MYS to Italy and the British Isles.

Max’s more recent (and queer) performance-career was jump-started when Max, as the president Santa Clara University’s Queer Alliance, started the first-ever Drag Show at a Catholic University in the U.S. Max went on to win the San Francisco Drag King of the year title in 2003, after which Max co-founded the genderqueer performance troupe Ubergay Cabaret in Portland in 2004. Max directed Ubergay’s drag-pop-opera Jack’s off the Beanstalk, and organized Ubergay’s 2005 East Coast tour. From 2006-07 Max co-produced and co-hosted Wildcard, a monthly queer variety show.

Max has a BA in Gender Studies from Santa Clara University and an MBA from Portland State University.


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