Posted by: maxvoltage | January 12, 2013

End of an Era

A few years ago I set a few rules for myself; that I must take breaks in my event-production schedule, and before jumping back in, I must ask myself, do you want to do this again?  When you’re a workaholic perfectionist who has a hard time quitting things, it’s important to have some systems of checks and balance in place, turns out.

For the last 12 years of my life, the answer has been emphatically, YES!  I came into this art form through activism, and found my calling…. through drag, through dance, through camp.  And as I learned and grew as an artist, I created stages that could hold my art, and in doing so, created space for others, too.  Found community and inspiration.  Realized I wasn’t the only artist-in-hiding.

This summer, I asked myself if I wanted to produce another cabaret series, and for the first time, the answer was no.  I plan to continue producing Homo’s Got Talent annually, but I will not be re-starting the Homomentum cabaret.  I will instead be focusing my creative & event-production attention on writing and creating Homomentum the musical, and all the adventures it is sure to inspire.

I know some of you will be sad and disappointed about the end of the Homomentum cabaret series.  But think of it this way; we had 3 gaymazing seasons full of some of the most fabulous queer-ass art I have ever seen.  And I will be honest, I have seen a LOT of cabaret/drag/ dance/performance-art in my life, so I know what I’m talking about, and YOU, queer community, YOU are crazy talented.  More than you even realized.  So don’t stop there.  Keep going.  Find a stage.  And if you want to see something happen, make it happen!  Create the stages and spaces you want to see in the world.  That’s how we’ll change the world, after all.

I will miss the magic of the space we’ve created together!  But I’m so excited to see what amazing art and adventures will come next!


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